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Cerno Data Solutions provides powerful ACTIVE RFID led retail analytics across multiple retail environments, be that big-box or boutique, volume or luxury, single or multiple sites.

Our expertise enables us to tailor systems and solutions for your specific needs. We also have a range of ready-to-go solutions to provide you real-time insights into your customer’s behaviour and preferences, and tools to help you deliver relevant sales communications and service.

All of our solutions are built with non-invasive hardware, saving time and money. All of the data is fully encrypted and controlled by the Cerno Command Centre, giving you peace of mind. Cerno’s proprietary software and hardware are developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom by industry experts.

trailblazer tag


Our ACTIVE RFID tag, fixed to baskets or trolley, provides detailed data on routes taken around the store, dwell times at specific locations, and the time taken to complete the shop. It also provides an asset tracker. Our easy to read analytics report will give you valuable data on customer habits, best-seller hot-spots and spends, helping you to optimise your space planning, promotional performance, and sales revenue.

touch tag


ACTIVE RFID tags are fixed to a single product or a group of products. This allows for precise analytics on each item or a complete category; for example, how many times a product is picked up, how long it was handled, how this data compares to other similar products in the same category, as well as peaks and troughs in customer activity. Cerno’s Touch Tag reports provide profound insights for design, buying, procurement, logistics and sales floor teams.

tell me tag


The Tell Me Tag synchronises the customer, sales info tools and the sales team, in real-time. As soon as the customer handles the product, a specific product related set of infographics or a demo video is launched. Simultaneously a Hail and Help alert is transmitted to the specialist sales person via the Cerno SmartWatch. This helps local teams to provide the customer with relevant information and exceptional customer service, and increase revenues.



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